"It's a Plastic World": Toronto

It’s a Plastic World: the theme for this year’s Flash Forward Incubator Program and Exhibition invited participants to create photography-based projects that contemplate its impact and meaning. How is plastic made? How is it used and where does  it go when we’re done with it?  What does it say about the way we see ourselves, and how we present ourselves in public and on social media? Does a commodity based culture influence how we take care of one another, the environment, or how we find solutions and resolve conflict? Is everything disposable?  This year’s exhibition includes selected works created by youth from Newtonbrook Secondary School, John Polanyi Collegiate Institute, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, Etobicoke School of the Arts, and Inglenook Community High School, who diligently engaged with the program and produced photography-based work reflective of the theme.  Additionally, we are pleased to present the Flash Forward Incubator Program catalogue, which includes all works created across Canada this year.

Bahar Givehki
Alex Tran
Amy Ly
Arabhi Kulamurugan
Farid Anami Olya
Jezreel Castillo
Miriam Noor
Nathaniel Hurst
Obsan Beder
Sasha Giraldo Franco
Anna Bell Woodbury
Bronwyn James
Cellina Vatour
Emily Buchan
Emma Mazomenos
Jenna Wilson
Nate Campbell
Sadhbh Doorley
Simon Backewich
Sophie Dixon
Stella Obedi
Sydney Bocknek
Ainsley Buklis-Rydall
Deborah Cai
Hannah Durst
Jaime Barr
Jessica Jiang
Mary French
Natalie Turcotte
Ryan Ivanov
Chloe Schmit
Evan Sagman
Ines Gori
Saba Blyden-Taylor
Sabrina Bentley-Jin
Winnie Loveday